Sitting still does not come naturally to me, maybe you can relate. Even when I have taken the time to sit, I usually am either reading, zoning out on Netflix or perusing social media but these days I have been creating a habit of stillness in my life thanks to some amazing meditations and coaching that has helped me tune into my soul’s whispers. Here was a recent soul whisper:

“What worries you today; soon you will laugh at in the future.”

Let’s all hop in my DeLorean and go back in time. Let’s go back to when we were in late elementary/early junior high. I know not always the best of memories, but go with me here. What were you worried about in your tweens? For me when I go back and read my journals from that era I find I was primarily worried about boys, pimples and grades. Sadly, I discovered I went on a whole three page rant at one time about how my life was over because of a pimple I had on picture day.

Now let’s set our time machine for our late teens/early twenties, what were you worried about then? Again looking back on my journals I was still worried about boys and grades, however my pimple worries now turned into plumpness worries. As I reread my journals from this time period, I now realize “Air Supply” might not have been the best choice of music to listen to in order to try and boost my mood. Shocker, right??

Now one more trip in our make believe DeLorean. What are you worrying about right now? This very minute what has been keeping you up at night? Your finances? Your job? Your health? Your relationship? Now ask yourself can you actually do something about what you are worrying about? If you can great, than do something right now to change it. I mean right now! However if you can’t realize that that type of worrying, where you can’t control it and/or take positive action on it right now is just wasted time and energy. Plus it holds you back from true success.

So what do we do with those worries, the one’s we can’t control and that seem overwhelming and never ending? A fabulous coach of mine says to overcome these worries we have to put on our “God glasses” so we can see these worries from a whole different perspective and no longer let them be a trigger in our lives. For some “God glasses” might be a practice of gratitude, doing some deep breathing or saying a mantra like “I doubt my doubts.”

As my soul whispered the words to me “what worries you today; soon you will laugh at in the future;” thoughts of my journals came back to me, because when I looked at the worries of my tweens, teens and twenties they made me laugh. (Ok I made me laugh. Seriously, can we say a bit overdramatic at times.) However after combing through my journals, I realized that was the key to overcoming my worries, was laughter. I am not talking about making light of the situation, but rather to be light in the situation.

I am reminded of Proverbs 31:25 which says, “She is clothed with strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future.”  When worry comes a knocking I do not need to let it in, rather I can say “just a minute I am getting dressed” and then clothe myself not only in strength and dignity, but joy, hope, love, peace and grace and then when I am finally ready to meet “the worry” they will be so tired of waiting on this woman that they will have disappeared and I can laugh and say it must have not been anything too important. So I guess I will have to find something else to journal about. Hmm….what about all the miracles, magic and manifestations going on in my life right now? Yes, please!

Now I have a few questions for you. Is worry:

  • Stealing the joy in your life?
  • Creating stress in your relationships, your health, your finances, etc.?
  • Impeding your ability to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Preventing you from reaching your full potential?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, I have one more for you.

Are you ready, I mean really ready, to transform from a worrier to a warrior?

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