“When we share our stories, what it does is, it opens up our hearts for other people to share their stories. And it gives us the sense that we are not alone on this journey.” – Janine Shepherd

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  Dawn’s Most Requested Keynotes & Workshops


Beyond Burnout: Experiencing Greater Joy without Added Hustle

Does this sound like you?
* You’ve had your morning coffee (or coffees) and yet you still don’t feel like working.
* The only thing that is keeping you going these days is your upcoming vacation from work.
* Each day you are feeling more and more depleted and exhausted no matter what you do.
If that sounds like you, know that you are not alone. The World Health Organization just recently recognized burnout as an official “occupational phenomenon.” In other words, what you are feeling as an entrepreneur is not just you, it’s top factor impacting business people today. In this message, Dawn will share how to recognize the signs of burnout and then steps you can take to experience greater joy and success in your business without the extra hustle.

Cultivating Joyfulness for Self-Care: Be Whole. Be Strong. Be You

Joyfulness is a powerful approach to self-care. It’s a condition of supreme well-being and being of good-spirit. It’s a process of purposefully finding delight in the present moment. Not being joyful due to immense pressures of your life can cause apathy and depression. Loss of joyfulness can have detrimental health effects and can lead to burnout. Cultivating Joyfulness for Self-Care is designed to explore how joyfulness can be used to enhance your overall well-being at work and in life. During this session participants will learn about and practice a variety of activities that promote joyfulness and will learn strategies that will help them incorporate practices into everyday life that promote joyfulness.

Endless Joy: Making Your Wildest Dreams a Reality

This is your invitation to let go of fear and step into your wildest dreams. You were created for more. You were created with a big dream in your heart. It’s time to be free. Free of shame. Free of guilt. Free of obligations. Free of fear. Free to fully live. Free to be you. It’s time to begin the journey of your life and make your wildest dreams a reality. You don’t need to be ready or perfect to make what matters happen. Use what you have, where you are, right now, on purpose. Your time has come to take a leap of faith and jump into the wildest dream that is waiting for you. In this session we will uncover what may first seem like obstacles and see how they are opportunities to help you achieve your big dream. We will identify doable action steps that you can apply right now in order to step into the life for which you are longing.

7 Ways to Foster Joy Working from Home

The reality is that much of our normal day-to-day life has shifted and changed especially when it comes to the lines between our home life and work life since many of us find ourselves working from home. As someone who’s been working from home both while being self-employed and while working for others for the past 12 years, Dawn shares a few simple things that she does, which when implemented, almost always result in her not having just a productive day, but a joy-filled day working from home. The type of day you have is often a result of the choices you make regarding how you spend your time. In this webinar we will explore ways you can foster joy working from home and successfully navigate the new work from home reality.

Maximize Your Morning to Maximize Your Joy

The type of day you have is often a result of the choices you make regarding how you spend your time, in particular how you choose to start your day. You may have heard the saying that “joy comes in the morning” and that is definitely true, but through our morning rituals we can choose to maximize that joy or deplete it. In this session you will discover and put into practice Dawn’s time-tested process for starting your day with intention, and focus that will activate your full potential and energy so that you can thrive! In this session you will learn how the most people waste their mornings, how most successful people maximize their morning hours and the key components of a joyful and powerful morning.

Finding Joy in Tough Times

Often, when a crisis hits, we are tempted to focus our attention on the challenges in front of us and forgo looking for the joy around us. We tell ourselves to push through and preserve in order to get to the other side and that joy has no use in tough times like these. The truth is joy doesn’t need to stop in tough moments, in fact, we’re usually better off if we embrace a little joy in our struggles. Dawn will share how positive emotions play an important role in resilience and how to find joy even amid a disaster.

Leading with Joy: Dare to Be RARE & Inspire People to Flourish

How do great leaders inspire people in the workplace? For me it comes down to one simple technique and strategy-JOY. Finding joy on the job is the single biggest ingredient for a successful company. Our job as a leader is to cultivate a culture where joy can flourish. Creating a joyful work environment isn’t about making people happy, it’s about unleashing creativity and allowing people to flourish in their jobs. To lead with joy is a rare thing these days, but it is possible. In this session we will dig deeper into the difference between a joy-filled leader and joy-less leader and then explore the four key components to become a RARE leader who unleashes joy that sparks increased productivity and engagement.

Let Your Joy Be Bigger Than Your Fear in Seasons of Change

Life and business is full of unexpected twists of unforeseen bends in the road and of unwanted detours. Often times, we know something needs to be changed or is going to change, but we are nervous or scared. Life is made up of seasons of change and the question we must ask ourselves is– How am I navigating these changes? Do I greet them fearlessly with a smile looking for the opportunity? Do I remain planted in the old way more comfortable with the way things were? Do I open myself up to new beginnings or do I refuse to stretch myself to be a little more uncomfortable at times to step outside my comfort zone and step into the courage zone? “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven,” which is why in this message we will explore the keys to navigating the seasons of your life and business with joy!

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