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Speaker | Coach | Consultant | Chocoholic

The official line: I empower companies and individuals to refuel their joy, revive their lives and realize their dreams. Through decades of training and studying such topics as positive psychology, leadership, company cultures, emotional intelligence and employee engagement, I have learned the mindsets and emotional aspects that allow individuals and organizations to THRIVE. This is why, as the Joy Refueler, I equip people to create joy-driven lives, businesses and teams that allow individuals to FLOURISH. I’m the author of the book “Joy Notes: 90 Days of Delight.” I have a Masters of Education and I am a certified HR Professional both with the PHR and SHRM-CP designations and a member of the National Speaking Association.

The bottom line: I believe that the only thing keeping us from creating whatever we want in our lives and businesses is our limiting beliefs. I believe that joy abounds if you take steps to look for it and make it a powerful force in your life and business. I believe that when you put joy first you unleash the everlasting joy you were created for.  And, I absolutely believe that chocolate is a joy elixir.


Your Journey To Flourish

Joy is the path to achieve your results!




Four ways joy leads to success…..



When you unleash joy in the workplace you optimize innovation and creativity by 300%.

Service Quality

Joy is a multiplier that is contagious to your customers and increases their satisfaction by 10%.



Businesses that employ joy outperform the competition by 20% and see a boost in sales by 37%.




Joy-filled employees are 20% more productive.

Wherever you are on your journey, we will help you manifest change in your life and within your work. Let’s explore how we can work together.


“When we share our stories, what it does is, it opens up our hearts for other people to share their stories. And it gives us the sense that we are not alone on this journey.”
– Janine Shepherd
From women’s events to faith-based retreats to corporate conferences to private workshops to international symposiums, I would love to join you at your next event and share my stories of joy and hope.


Coaching is the perfect tool to help you rediscover the vibrant person who has gotten lost in the everyday. My virtual coaching programs will help you go from stuck to fulfillment Each session will empower you tap into your inner resources and create an extraordinary life. Together we will fight off the self-doubts, false beliefs, and negative patterns that are holding you back. I can help you get your fire back. We will reclaim your passion and develop a powerful new self-awareness.


Do you have a dream or desire in your heart that won’t go away? Do you feel a calling for something bigger, something greater, something MORE?


Want to drive change within your organization? We work with you to build a more joyful, connected culture that increases employee engagement and profitability. As a Culture Consultant we advise you on everything from restructuring and hiring to leadership development and culture. We can facilitate unique workshops and enrichment circles to jump start your team’s thinking around culture, change, collaboration and leadership.

Schedule a Consulting Call to learn more about culture creation.

Joy Notes : 90 Days of Delight




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