“Tomorrow we will be running the mile,” announced my high school gym teacher.

When some of my classmates heard that news they cheered and looked forward to tomorrow. I, on the other hand dreaded those words. So it wasn’t shocking the next morning when I woke up with a severe headache, fever, cough, shin splints and cramps, pretty much anything I could think of saying that would keep me from having to go to school, but not cause my mom to have to take me to the doctor. It worked every year.

For most of my adult life I have avoided running, expect in 2009, I put it on my bucket list to run a 5k. Why I am not exactly sure?  It was on there though and that meant I was going to complete it. I even joined a running club that spring to help me go from a couch potato to a speed walker/jogger. They taught me how to have better form and they kept me accountable for following through on our running program. I am proud to say that Fall I “ran” in the Dick Beardsley 5k and completed the race with my best time to date. However after that race I was done running and I kept telling myself I am not a runner. Maybe you have told yourself that as well.

The truth is though we are all runners. Hebrews 12:1 says “and let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” God has placed before you and in you a dream that is bigger and better than anything you could ever imagine and it requires us to run. But my question to you is…are you running towards your dream or away from your dream?

Here is how you can tell:

You are running away from your dream when you make excuses or when you choose to do nothing or when you listen to what John Maxwell calls your lower self who says things like “Not enough people believe in you. You’ll never make it.”

You are running towards your dream if you are taking ownership and listening to our greater self who says “My belief in myself is enough. I can make it.” And on top of those you are consistently practicing what Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul books call the “Rule of Five.” This rule states that every day we need to do five specific things that will move us closer to our God-sized dream. What’s the last step you have taken to move towards your dream?

Know you are not alone as you choose to run toward your God-sized dream. Just like how when I geared up for my 5k, I sought out resources and people who could support me as I pursued my goals, there are resources for you too.

Resource #1: Inner Joy Circles

These are circles of up to 10 women who are pursuing their dreams, committed to meeting real-life goals or challenges to achieve those dreams and are willing to learn at the same time. We will meet virtually once a week for 8 weeks for 90 minutes each time. During our call we will do a mastermind book discussion for 30 minutes and then the remaining time members will get a time slot to seek laser coaching from the other group members.  To learn more or register go to: www.dawnkaiser.com/innerjoycircles

Resource #2: Virtual Course: Put Your God-sized Dream to the Test

This course covers the key questions you need to ask yourself before and as you take a leap of faith to chase your God-sized dream. It will help you give voice and life to your dream. To learn more or register go to: www.dawnkaiser.com/godsizeddreamcourse

Resource #3: Live Retreat: Leap Like a Lioness & Grow Rich-Unlocking Your God-sized Dream

This live and intimate retreat is an opportunity for you to define your dream, draw a roadmap that you can use to achieve what you were created to do and develop a deeper connection with God as your personal dream guide. To learn more or register go to: www.dawnkaiser.com/leapretreat


Sometimes as I was training to run I needed an incentive to not give up and to press on, so I would like to give you a yummy incentive to choose to run your God-sized dream race. If you register for the Live Retreat by December 24th, 2017, I will give you as a bonus free access to an Inner Joy Circle of your choosing, plus you will receive an additional $200 credit towards the retreat, that is a savings of just under $400. To take advantage of this special offer, email me at dawn@dawnkaiser.com with the subject line: I choose to run towards my dream! When I get your email, I will send you all the information you need to sign on up!

Last night as I was working out and I got the urge to run again and so at the end of my workout I ran for 2 minutes straight. It reminded me that each day I need to choose to run towards my dreams, will you do the same even if it is just baby steps forward? If so, reach out and register for one of these amazing opportunities, because it’s time to put on your shoes and run your race. On your mark. Get set. Let’s go!