This past weekend I watched the new “Wonder Woman” movie and I was in awe of this superhero. She is bold, badass, brave and beautiful. What woman doesn’t want to feel those four things, right? I know I do!

What the movie so eloquently pointed out though is that those characteristics were with Wonder Woman all along. In the movie we see Diana, Amazon Princess, as a little five year old girl. She is full of spunk, tenacity and curiosity. Those characteristics help her to become the bold, badass, brave and beautiful warrior her soul was calling her to be. However Wonder Woman isn’t the only woman being called to become a bold, brave, badass and beautiful warrior, you are too! God gave you unique gifts so that you can make a difference in this world as a mighty warrior. Don’t believe me? Read what it says in Judges 6:12, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” I want to stop for a moment and have you reread that verse but this time put your name in it. For example I would say “The Lord is with you Dawn, mighty warrior.” Now you try “The Lord is with you ___________, mighty warrior.” Say it again.

See just like Wonder Woman, you were created to be an unconquerable, mighty warrior. Realize the type of warrior I am talking about is a spiritual warrior, meaning someone who embraces a journey of self-discovery in order to change herself and this world and someone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and into the God zone to follow their soul’s calling. Your battlefield isn’t out there though; the frontline is in your heart and mind.

And one of the most common strategies the enemy uses to make us fall back and stay small instead of becoming a mighty warrior is worry. Think about these questions:

  • Have you ever been consumed with worry that you missed out on receiving or giving an act of kindness?
  • Do you worry about what other people will think, which leaves you feeling stuck or in a losing battle?
  • Do you worry about all the things that could go wrong in a situation even if most of the time they will never happen?
  • Do you find yourself worrying about worrying too much?

If you answered yes to those questions you are not a warrior woman rather you are a worry wart. Worrying does not make us feel powerful or lead to positive changes. When Wonder Woman and her fellow warriors got to the zone called “No Man’s Land” she didn’t sit there and worry, rather in order to activate the warrior within she took action. What actions are you willing to take in order to unleash your inner warrior today?

Your inner warrior is waiting. She is dying to come out and start fighting off the fiery darts the enemy has been shooting at your heart and mind. You have the power within to manifest your dreams and create a life of abundance, love and success in this world. You are a real-life super hero who can create positive change in this world. And what’s even cooler is when you activate your inner warrior; you become a living role model for the next generation of girls in your sphere of influence. I know I want that for my niece who when she was about five dressed up as Wonder Woman, but one day I hope she is more inspired by the real life women warriors she has in her life.

So are you ready, I mean really, seriously, all in ready, to transform from a worrier to a warrior?

If you said YES, know that you are not alone nor do you have to do this by yourself. Even Wonder Woman had a coach (her aunt) and a supportive community (her fellow Amazon warriors) as she was stepping into her bold, badass, brave and beautiful self.

Which is why I have created an amazing program called “Worrier to Warrior: 7 Weeks to Reclaim Your Confident Self & Live Beyond Worry” and I am launching beginning on August 8, 2017. In this program I will provide you with the space, tools and supportive community needed to make this transformation a reality. To learn more about this program and see if it’s the right fit for you, click on the link to schedule a FREE 30 minute Jumpstart Your Joy Strategy Session, but act fast as I am only accepting 10 people to be in this elite program. Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your inner warrior and dare to leap into YOU!