In many math classes around the world, you can hear kids asking the question “Why do I have to learn this I will never use it in real life?”  I was one of those kids, because I was not a Master of Math. Here I am though 30+ years later writing about joyful living and I am going to relate it to a math formula.  I am sure all my math teachers would be saying “I told you so” if they could read this blog post now.

The world is full of patterns…weather patterns, sewing patterns, craft patterns, music patterns, etc. And math has patterns too. One of the patterns I remember learning in class was a multiplication pattern. When you multiple the same two numbers (the factors) you will always get the same answer (the product). Meaning 5×5 will always equal 55, just kidding I know it’s 25.

Our lives have patterns too and depending on the factors, a.k.a our thoughts, actions, words, the product can be one of dreadful living or joyful living. For instance do you know someone who is constantly late? That is the product, what we need to do is to look at what factors are causing that result. Maybe it is constantly waking up late and trying to do one more thing before you go out the door. If those factors are continually happening it is not surprising that that person is usually late for stuff. Or take not being a morning person (the product), what factors could be contributing to that? Maybe you stay awake until 12 or 1 am binge watching Netflix and you drink a can of Mt. Dew for supper most nights. No wonder why you can’t wake up at 6 a.m. refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

I hear people say “why do I keep going through the same things in my relationship, my jobs, my finances, etc.?” I would encourage those folks to look at the factors that are going into creating that product/result and ask “what’s my part in that pattern?”


Last year I was seeing depletion in my energy and so I took the time to reflect on what was contributing to that outcome. I noticed I was constantly working on my business and never taking time to rest and I was working with the mentality that I had to do more, be more, have more and for some odd reason eat more. All of this led to exhaustion and frustration. Thankfully I recognized the situation while it was playing out and challenged myself that if I wanted to change the life I was living; I would have to create some new patterns or habits in my life.  I began to intentionally take time to rest and refuel myself and to remind myself that “I am enough.” Changing the factors, changed the product and since then I have seen abundance and joy overflowing in my life. Over the next several blog posts, I will share with you some patterns that you can integrate into your life, so you too can experience joyful living.

Today recognize your negative patterns and be willing to modify them in order to change your life (a.k.a. the product).

Discussion with Dawn: I would love to hear what patterns you are seeing in your life and how you will start to resolve them.