I was miserable. I loved my work, but the workplace culture I was in was sucking the joy and life right out of me. Have you ever felt that way, do you feel that way right now?

I remember being super excited when this company hired me to build their leadership development program and facilitate their Human Resource (HR) training sessions for their managers and supervisors. I was on cloud nine because this was exactly what I had dreamt of doing since I was a sophomore in college.  However they forgot to mention a few things when I started, like not everyone in the company was thrilled this position was being created and that there was a strained relationship between the two sides of the business which I was being hired right smack dab in the middle of this departmental tension.

This became evident within a month, when I got reprimanded for not “staying within my job description.” Who knew that HR training was only three topics? I clearly didn’t get that memo when I pursued my HR degree that’s for sure.

However I still felt I had a purpose in the company and shifted using my talents and gifts to creating a stellar leadership development program for the emerging talent in our organization. Although my joy had been drained with the limited HR training I could do, it felt like it was being refueled as I worked on the leadership program.

A year later however, all the joy was sucked out of my job. I was told I was being given a “new project” and that I would no longer be facilitating the leadership development program.  This new project had nothing to do with training and development. I was no longer operating in my sweet spot. On top of that I no longer trusted our leadership team since I had been thrown under the bus one too many times over the past few years and the overall company culture was becoming even more toxic. Each day it became harder and harder to get up in the morning and come to work.  Plus I began to doubt myself, my gifts and the difference I could make. Can you relate?

I remember telling myself at one point “I just have to show up, shut up and let go.” Then I thought to myself “what kind of job is that?” I don’t want to shut up or give up for the next 20+ years. I want to do something that makes me come alive, that energizes me, that allows me to make a real difference. I knew I couldn’t stay where I was at, so I began applying for other jobs, but nothing was panning out. I felt stuck. Do you feel stuck right now? If so, know there is HOPE.

Soon after I made the decision that I was going to leave the organization, I began to feel my soul say “do your own thing,” but I had no clue what that meant. The more I dug into that statement I realized “do my own thing” meant following the dream I had in college of owning my own speaking and coaching company. So with no other job prospects insight, I took the leap of faith to start my own company because I knew I could no longer stay where I was at. I would rather be broke as an entrepreneur than miserable as an employee. The ink wasn’t even dry on the paper for my new company when I received an offer to become a Corporate Trainer for another organization. I said yes to the offer, however this meant I had to place my dream on hold. What dream have you put on hold?

For five years, I enjoyed being a Corporate Trainer, but then I began to feel my soul saying “there is something more, something bigger you were created for.” I pushed that notion aside for another year and truly tried to make my current job work for me.

However in 2015, I received a God nudge or slap on the head depending on how you look at it, when I was told by a complete stranger that “it was my time to shine.” I knew at that moment that I needed to “do my own thing” and so within a week I turned in my resignation and I began to pursue the God-sized dream that had been placed on my heart seven years earlier.

Today I get to help others discover and pursue their dreams so that they can use their talents and gifts to make a difference and flourish and shine! That is why I am extremely excited to be hosting the “Leap Like a Lioness & Grow Rich Retreat: Unlocking Your God-sized Dream” in Sedona, AZ on January 19-21, 2018. It is a 2 ½ day live retreat, where you’ll be able to unplug and gain clarity on your God-sized dream and discover how to take leaps of faith to make your dream happen. In this retreat we will be tapping into the power of inspired and faith-led actions that can accelerate your transformation into a God-sized dreamer and achiever.

Do you dream of creating a job that allows you the freedom and flexibility to live a life you love and to that utilizes your super powers? Do you dream of standing up on stage inspiring others to change a habit that will then change their lives or work? Do you dream of writing books that influence others or take them on amazing adventures without ever having to leave their house? Do you dream of starting a business or non-profit that makes a difference in this world?

If you said yes to any of those, this retreat is a MUST ATTEND event for you. Do not let another year go by with your dream collecting dust or being hidden in your heart. Attend this retreat where we will transform your someday dream into a TODAY REALITY!

Having been a Trainer for more than 15 years I know that many times people attend conferences or retreats and they get all jazzed up about the possibilities that lie ahead, but then they leave and go back home and within a few days or weeks the momentum is lost. That is why I am offering as a special bonus for the folks who attend this retreat 3 God-sized Dream Breakthrough calls which are to be used after the retreat at absolutely no cost.  These are one-on-one calls where we can map out your personal dream journey, break through any blessing blockers that may be stopping you from making your dream happen and you can receive the encouragement you need to continue to put your dream to the test.

On top of that if you register for the retreat by December 31st I am offering a New Year, a New You $200 credit, which means that with the credit and the bonus calls you are saving $1,500. That’s how much I want you to attend this retreat.

Sign up today and let’s make 2018 the year of DREAMS!

I am saying YES to my DREAM!