“I’m not ready yet.” It’s one of the excuses I hear from people as to why they are not living their dream. They want all the stars to line up perfectly before they make a move. They want to have a rock solid plan in place. They want their finances to be secure. They want a sure fire sign from God that they are making the right move. Can you relate?

A pastor friend of mine shared that before taking the step to plant a church he asked God to give him two signs to let him know that he was pursuing the right dream since this meant quitting his job, selling his house and uprooting his family. First he wanted a couple or at least an individual to make the move with him and his wife and secondly he wanted to have a worship leader or team in place to start the church with.

He didn’t feel he was ready to chase after this God-size dream without at least one of those things. In life we grow up hearing the phrase “Ready, Set, Go,” but the truth is you will never be ready. No one is ever ready to get married, to have kids, to plant a church, to write a book, to start a business. If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting forever.

Plus as Mark Batterson, author of Chase the Lion, points out, “the issue isn’t readiness; it’s willingness.”

Are you using readiness as an excuse, when the truth is you are not willing to make your dream happen?

The truth is willingness might be getting in the way if you are you trying to put conditions on God, rather than to put your confidence in God!

Do any of these sound familiar? I will start my own business when I pay off all my debt. I will hire a person for my team when my business hit six figures. I will write my book when things slow down. Those are all conditions. If God has given you a dream, he has also given you a way to fulfill it, but realize it just might not be your way.

As my friend was sharing with God his “conditions” to chase his dream, he felt God ask him, “will you pursue this dream even if I give you none of those things?” He said “yes” and at that moment rededicated himself to his God-size dream and put his confidence back in God. Today that friend has seen his God-size dream come true. He not only has a thriving church, but God has far exceeded any of his wildest expectations.

Don’t wait for perfection to move forward. Don’t wait until you are ready. Let your mantra be “Go, Set, Ready” and just do it.

That is exactly why this January I am hosting a retreat in Sedona, AZ called “Leap Like a Lioness & Grow Rich: Unlocking Your God-sized Dream.” It is going to be a 2 ½ day retreat where a small group of God-sized dreamers come together to gain the clarity and confidence that is need to leap into who they are called to be. To learn more about the retreat go to www.dawnkaiser.com/leapretreat.

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Don’t postpone your dream, because you might just be postponing your joy too!