As summer winded down and the air temperature began to cool off, our family typically headed to our remote cabin for a well needed vacation. This was a unique lake cabin as in that there was no electricity and no running water and this was the 1990’s. In order to get water for cooking or washing, we would cut across the yard to the water pump. My dad taught us that before water would start to flow from the pump we would need to prime it. It was at this early age that I began to learn about the “before principle.”  Life is made up of befores. There are climbs before mountaintops. There are battles before victories. There is practice before perfection. There are steps before your destination. There are struggles before transformation.

Many times however we let the challenges of today stop us from seeing the miracles of tomorrow because we are not willing to step out in faith with the before principle. Over and over again God shows us how the before principle manifests miracles. No clearer example of that is when Joshua and the Israelites wanted to enter into the Promised Land, but the Jordan River stood in their way. BEFORE they could enter into the greatness promised to them, they had to do three things.

  • Be Still & Wait: In Joshua 3:1, it says “Early the next morning Joshua and all the Israelites left Acacia Grove and arrived at the banks of the Jordan River, where they camped before crossing.” (NLT) It goes on to say they waited there for three days. These days no one likes to wait. We live in an impatient society. We have fast food, fast lanes, fast computers, yet there are times God tells us to slow down and wait. We may live by the saying “Don’t just stand there, do something.” God however often reminds to “Be still and just stand there.” Waiting means trusting. Trusting in God’s timing not our timing. Trusting in God’s way and not our way. What is God calling you to wait and be still about so that He can set you up for success?
  • Check their Hearts & Minds: The second thing Joshua and the Israelites had to do was to “consecrate themselves.” (Joshua 3:5) This essentially means that we have to flush our minds of the negative thinking and behaviors that have accumulated over the years. We need to approach the edge of greatness with the right mindset and the right heart/motivation. Why do you want to pursue this dream? Is it simply to make a buck or do you feel it’s your calling? Do you believe in your ability to step into this dream or do you doubt yourself?
  • Take a Step of Faith: The last requirement “before” they could receive their miracle was they had to take a step of faith. The literally had to get their feet wet in the flood like waters before the immovable obstacle could be removed and they could cross over.

I have seen the before principle play out in my life:

  • I am living a life I love, but before that I had to be willing to risk quitting my day job to start my dream job.
  • I have abundance in my finances, but before that I had to be willing to risk debt by hiring a business coach.
  • I have coaching clients, but before that I had to be willing to risk talking about money.
  • I own my calendar, but before that I had to be willing to risk saying no to requests from people.

TODAY YOU ARE ON THE EDGE OF GREATNESS- perhaps in your business, your career or your personal life, but something is stopping you from taking a step forward. Maybe you feel that there is an immovable obstacle in your way that only a miracle could remove. Well I am here to tell you that your miracle is on its way, all you have to do is practice the before principle.

Maybe your before is to wait. If so, sit back, reflect and enjoy this time, don’t let it be consumed with worry. Maybe your before is to work with a mindset coach to get your heart and head ready for what’s next. (If so, email me for a FREE Jumpstart Your Joy Strategy call today- Maybe your before is to take a step of faith and attend a RefresHer Retreat which will energize, encourage and equip you to live a life you love.  (If so, sign up today at )

You were made for a specific purpose in life and you might not even realize you are on the edge of greatness, but you are. Don’t give up on your own greatness when you are faced with a river like obstacle instead trust that on the other side of “before” is everything you ever wanted.

Discussion with Dawn: How is God calling you to walk by faith and get your feet wet today?