She was curly haired, bright eyed and her smile grew even bigger as her Grandma pulled out a toy car for her to play with. Her Grandma turned the car on, set it on the ground and then it zoomed away. This little bubbly two year old toddler got off the floor and began to wobble after it. She would get close to the car, bend down to reach it and all of a sudden the car would move ahead out of her reach.  She did this several times bending down with determination, but then having the car move on her so she couldn’t complete what she started. Have you ever felt like that? You have a goal or a dream in mind and you are excited as it takes off, but then you start pursuing it and each time you think you are getting close to having it within your grasp you receive a setback and it  feels like it moved a little bit farther out of your reach?

I know I definitely have felt that at times. One of my mentors told me that “if your dream is easy to reach, you are not dreaming big enough.” So I have set big goals for my life which means they typically push me outside my comfort zone or require me to take a leap of faith.  There are times I want to give up, but instead I have learned to push through because you can’t have a breakthrough until you’ve been through.  If you ever read the book, “Three Feet From Gold” it reminds us that when we are tempted to give up we should just go three more feet because our dream or breakthrough is possibly right around the corner.

As I continued to watch this little girl purse the never ending car, I saw determination in her eyes. She never once looked at her Grandma or others around her to make the car stop so she could grasp it in her hands. She never once thought about giving up on getting the car. She tried a few different techniques like touching it with her feet and when that didn’t work she tried something else. Finally the car reached the wall across the elongated room and the little girl scooped it up and raised it above her head to show her Grandma that she finally did it! She had achieved her goal!

Today as you pursue your dreams, stay focused and remember to just keep moving! I would love to hear what dream you are pursuing and how I can help you along that journey.