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Fun Fact #17

The Shower Singer: Okay Dawn doesn’t only sing in the shower, but she sings in the car, around the house, pretty much anywhere other than in front of people. She believes the statement “medicine heals the body, but music heals the... Read more

Fun Fact #16

The Card Shark: Dawn loves to play cards whether it’s Hearts, Kings Corners, Oh Heck, Uno. Although Poker is not a game she plays since she has no poker face whatsoever, just ask her... Read more

Fun Fact #15

The Homebody: Despite her wanderlust personality, Dawn also loves to spend nights at home and sit around a campfire or cozy up on the couch and watch a movie or favorite TV show with friends and... Read more

Fun Fact #14

The Journaler: Dawn has been writing in a journal since she was in 3rd grade. She now explores writing not just in a journal but in her blog posts, magazine articles and books. She finds that writing can be a very therapeutic and profound way to process... Read more