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Fun Fact #13

The Recovering Control Freak: For years, Dawn resisted the control freak label. Instead she was passionate, achievement focused, detail oriented, but then after a period of severe burnout she discovered how to let go and let God take control of the “wheel of her... Read more

Fun Fact #12

The Volleyball Champ: Dawn played volleyball all throughout high school and then on an intermural team in college, however 2 years ago after a 16 year break, she joined a volleyball team which has won the last 3 volleyball tournaments in a row! (It might not be... Read more

Fun Fact #11

The Kayak Enthusiast: Even though she has tried it only a few times, Dawn is excited to do even more kayaking during the summer. She may even buy her own... Read more

Fun Fact #10

The Wanderluster: She has a craving to travel this world and explore new places and meet new people. Her goal is to speak in all 50 states and visit all 7 continents before she turns... Read more