Monthly Dose of Delight!

Dawn Kaiser is known as the Joy Refueler/Leapologist and the author of “Joy Notes: 90 Days of Delight.” She specializes in energizing, encouraging and equipping groups and individuals to unleash the joy and dreams in their lives and go from a life of FINE to a life of FLOURISHING.

She has her Masters of Education, PHR, SHRM-CP and whole host of other alphabet letters, all which boil down to she has experience in business and in life. Dawn has been studying such topics as positive psychology, leadership, employee engagement, faith and joy for the past two decades.

Each year, Dawn is a featured presenter and retreat leader at more than 40 events and retreats across North America, including the International Spa Association (ISPA) Conference, the Westburg Symposium, Healthcare Horizon Conference, National Council of University Research Administrations (NCURA) Conferences, Mount Carmel Women’s Retreat, Sanford Faith Based Community Nurses Retreat and Women of Today.  She has a passion for empowering others to step out of their comfort zone and into their courage zone where joy abounds and dreams are possible. Dawn has contagious enthusiasm and as one person said, “when you listen to her speak she just makes you feel good about yourself.”

Additionally, Dawn has appeared on the North Dakota Today Show as a regular guest for the past two years and she has published articles in such magazines as Perspectives and ISPA Pulse.

-The Ordinary Me-

The above is my standard bio, the way it is supposed to be done, but the truth is it makes me sound way more polished and put together than I really am. Now, I want to show you who the everyday, ordinary me is and my journey to getting to where I am.

My Journey

1978- Born and within 3 weeks admitted to hospital.

1980- Became a big sister and we have eventually became friends too.

1996- Survived high school and even though my parents encouraged me to go see the world, I moved 4 hours north to Duluth, MN. (It was almost in another state!)

2000- Graduated from the University of MN Duluth with a BA in Human Resources and started a 4 month internship, which turned into a 4 year job with a group of folks who taught me about joy at work.

2002- Met God on the bathroom floor, which changed my life forever.

2004- Moved back home after experiencing two major losses in my life and I start volunteering for my churches children’s ministry program.

2008- Began to daydream about starting my own business which led to Simpliciti Consulting being born. One month later the dream got put on hold because I landed my “dream job” as a Corporate Trainer.

2009- Graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign with a Masters of Education and went on my first mission trip to Tanzaia, Africa.

2014- Begin to do a deep dive into the word “joy” and share on social media what I am learning, which stirred up the idea of writing a book about it.  

2015- Met a complete stranger who told me God had a message for me “It’s my time to shine.” And within a week I turned in my resignation, leaped full-time into running the business I started in 2008.

Took a 21 day European vacation with friends 3 months after I left my full-time job and met Bradley Cooper.

Began to piece together the notes for my first book and eventually self-published it October 2015.

2017- Began to work with a business coach on how to lead retreats and grow my business. Held my first retreat in Chicago, IL.

2018- Began to take my God-sized dream workshop on a U.S. Tour.

My Fun Facts

You may know about Dawn’s professional accomplishments, however, one of the reasons her clients work with her is because of who she is as a person. Check out these  fun facts about Dawn to get to know her better.

  1. The Auntie: While Dawn doesn’t have any children of her own, she is very active in the life of her niece. She is not above having a dance party in the kitchen, painting joy rocks or going roller skating. (Although that last one didn’t turn out so well.)
  2. The Book Dragon: Dawn has close to 1,000 books in her home and on her Kindle. She believes that although you can’t buy happiness, you can buy books and that’s almost the same kind of thing.
  3. The State Park Enthusiast: Dawn and her niece have explored over 20 state parks and are well on their way to filling their park passport with all 75 Minnesota parks.  They have also started exploring National Parks!
  4. The Chocolate Addict: Dawn is addicted to pretty much anything with chocolate in it. She finds no need to overcome this addiction, rather she is all about embracing it and may even consider leading a chocolate retreat in the future.    
  5. The Gelato Aficionado: After a trip to Italy and a gelato making class, Dawn has become a fan of eating gelato over ice cream, although she rarely will she turn down ice cream if that what’s being served.  
  6. The Water Girl: Dawn loves being by water whether it’s a lake, a river or an ocean. She doesn’t need to swim in it, rather just sit by it and let the calming sounds wash her soul with peace.
  7. The Philanthropist: Dawn sponsors two children over in Africa through World Vision and Africa New Life and has gone on 5 mission trips to the continent to show God’s love to those in need.  
  8. The Friend Fan: She has watched the “Friends” series way too many times to count and can usually be heard making some type of “Friends” reference in conversations.
  9. The Wonderer: Dawn has a passionate curiosity and strong desire to chase down answers to profound questions and loves being filled with a sense of wonder as she explores this world.
  10. The Wanderluster: She has a craving to travel this world and explore new places and meet new people.  Her goal is to speak in all 50 states and visit all 7 continents before she turns 57!
  11. The Kayak Enthusiast: Even though she has tried it only a few times, Dawn is excited to do even more kayaking during the summer. She may even buy her own kayak.
  12. The Volleyball Champ: Dawn played volleyball all throughout high school and then on an intermural team in college, however 2 years ago after a 16 year break, she joined a volleyball team which has won the last 3 volleyball tournaments in a row! (It might not be Olympic Gold medal level, but we still are the champions!)
  13. The Recovering Control Freak: For years, Dawn resisted the control freak label. Instead she was passionate, achievement focused, detail oriented, but then after a period of severe burnout she discovered how to let go and let God take control of the “wheel of her life.” (She still finds her hand on the wheel every once in a while, but knows how to let go faster than before.)
  14. The Journaler: Dawn has been writing in a journal since she was in 3rd grade. She now explores writing not just in a journal but in her blog posts, magazine articles and books.  She finds that writing can be a very therapeutic and profound way to process life.
  15. The Homebody: Despite her wanderlust personality, Dawn also loves to spend nights at home and sit around a campfire or cozy up on the couch and watch a movie or favorite TV show with friends and family.
  16. The Card Shark: Dawn loves to play cards whether it’s Hearts, Kings Corners, Oh Heck, Uno. Although Poker is not a game she plays since she has no poker face whatsoever, just ask her sister.
  17. The Shower Singer: Okay Dawn doesn’t only sing in the shower, but she sings in the car, around the house, pretty much anywhere other than in front of people. She believes the statement “medicine heals the body, but music heals the soul.”
My Definition of Everyday Success

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate the beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I feel like a success in my everyday life if I spend time with God, share joy with the people I meet and can go to sleep knowing I did the best I could.

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