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In this community you are invited to not only make your wildest dreams a reality but also to create a joy revolution. I believe in the power of joy. As I have transformed my life and pursued my dreams, I have become aware of the joy that exists every single day. It is always around and you can tune into it at any point. Joy is not complicated. Rather it is simple, but we must be willing to go out, seek it and notice it! Don’t wait for joy to find you or post pone your joy until there is a perfect moment. (There won’t be.)

Start where you are at. Start today! Find a way to open yourself up to joy, to chase your dreams and watch your entire life transform. Your joy and dreams will then make this world a little lighter and brighter and you will create ripples of joy. That is how we will create a joy revolution and set this world on fire with joy!

Below are some ways you can that you can learn more about joy and how you can unleash it in your life, your workplace, your leadership, your dreams and your faith. Again, I am so glad you are here!