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Fun Fact #12

The Volleyball Champ: Dawn played volleyball all throughout high school and then on an intermural team in college, however 2 years ago after a 16 year break, she joined a volleyball team which has won the last 3 volleyball tournaments in a row! (It might...

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Fun Fact #11

The Kayak Enthusiast: Even though she has tried it only a few times, Dawn is excited to do even more kayaking during the summer. She may even buy her own kayak.

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Fun Fact #10

The Wanderluster: She has a craving to travel this world and explore new places and meet new people. Her goal is to speak in all 50 states and visit all 7 continents before she turns 57!

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Fun Fact #9

The Wonderer: Dawn has a passionate curiosity and strong desire to chase down answers to profound questions and loves being filled with a sense of wonder as she explores this world.

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Fun Fact #8

The Friend Fan: She has watched the “Friends” series way too many times to count and can usually be heard making some type of “Friends” reference in conversations.

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Fun Fact #7

The Philanthropist: Dawn sponsors two children over in Africa through World Vision and Africa New Life and has gone on 5 mission trips to the continent to show God’s love to those in need.

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Fun Fact #6

The Water Girl: Dawn loves being by water whether it’s a lake, a river or an ocean. She doesn’t need to swim in it, rather just sit by it and let the calming sounds wash her soul with peace.

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Fun Fact #5

The Gelato Aficionado: After a trip to Italy and a gelato making class, Dawn has become a fan of eating gelato over ice cream, although she rarely will she turn down ice cream if that what’s being served.

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Fun Fact #4

The Chocolate Addict: Dawn is addicted to pretty much anything with chocolate in it. She finds no need to overcome this addiction, rather she is all about embracing it and may even consider leading a chocolate retreat in the future.

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