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You were made for such a time as THIS!

It had been several months since I saw her last. We bumped into each other while shopping, I asked her about the dream she told me God has placed on her heart at the beginning of the year. She crinkled her nose and sighed “I’m just so busy, maybe when things get back...

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Unleash Your Inner Warrior

This past weekend I watched the new “Wonder Woman” movie and I was in awe of this superhero. She is bold, badass, brave and beautiful. What woman doesn’t want to feel those four things, right? I know I do! What the movie so eloquently pointed out though is that those...

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Worrier to Warrior

Sitting still does not come naturally to me, maybe you can relate. Even when I have taken the time to sit, I usually am either reading, zoning out on Netflix or perusing social media but these days I have been creating a habit of stillness in my life thanks to some...

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Wash Away Life’s Stresses by Soaking in Nature

In 1988 there was a commercial where a woman wearing a fluffy pink robe is chaotically running around her house and as the tensions rise, she utters the phrase “Calgon, take me away!” The next scene then shows her relaxing in a bathtub supposedly stress free. Maybe...

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Heal Your Hurts & Show Your Scars

On my left knee are two pea sized scars that I have from when I tore my ACL in high school trying to be cool as I did a lap up in gym class. It wasn’t so cool when the whole school saw me lying in pain on the gymnasium floor. On my right wrist is a scar that I have...

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Attracting The Life You Desire With One Question

You wake up and your day is already in motion. You are perpetually speeding around from one experience to the next, from one job to the next, from one activity to another without much thought as to how these move you toward the life you desire. When decisions come...

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On the Edge of Greatness

As summer winded down and the air temperature began to cool off, our family typically headed to our remote cabin for a well needed vacation. This was a unique lake cabin as in that there was no electricity and no running water and this was the 1990’s. In order to get...

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Calling Over Comfort

“Teacher, can people really walk on water?” That was what one of my students asked this week as we explored the story of Jesus walking on water and then calling Peter to do the same thing. I paused and thought about how to respond and eventually I told her that I...

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Secret of Sustainable Joy: Part 2

 To last, that is one of our deepest desires. In my last blog post, I discussed how we can last by being consistent with our choices and our character, now let’s dive into a third key area we need to be consistent in, which is CONNECTION! Connection Matthew Lieberman,...

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