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The official line: I empower companies and individuals to refuel their joy, revive their lives and realize their dreams. Through decades of training and studying such topics as positive psychology, leadership, company cultures, emotional intelligence and the Word, I have learned the mindsets and emotional aspects that allow individuals and organizations to thrive, which is why I equip people to create positive businesses and teams, unleash their wildest dreams, discover their true worth and explore the space within to flourish. I’m the author of the book “Joy Notes: 90 Days of Delight.” I have a Masters of Education and I am a certified HR Professional both with the PHR and SHRM-CP designations and a member of the National Speaking Association.

The bottom line: I believe that you were born not just to survive but to thrive!  I believe that when joy is at the center of your life and work, everything changes. I believe that when we pursue our dreams we discover endless joy. And, I absolutely believe that chocolate is a joy elixir.


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Click here if you want to explore how to:

  • Create cultures and teams of joyfulness at work
  • Navigate transformations and transitions with joy
  • Lead with positivity
  • Do work that lights up your soul

Click here if you want to explore how to:

  • Cultivate joyfulness for self-care
  • Restore your self-confidence and self-worth
  • Overcome fear and insecurity


Click here if you want to explore how to:

  • Awaken the dreamer in you
  • Discover the God-given dream you were created for
  • Own your dream and seize it
  • Leap into your dream and make it happen

Joy Notes : 90 Days of Delight



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